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hello to you all greatings from the netherlands

i,m new here love this journal
i,m a girl and living on my own,working 40 hours a week
from the list of the wanted guys i like
Christian Bale
Dave Franco
James Franco
Jensen Ackles
Josh Duhamel
Orlando Bloom
Paul Walker
some off my wanted guys
colin farrell,shia labeouf,clive owen.jim caviezel,josh lucas,ben barnes,steven strait,timothy olyphant,

so take care
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Deleted comment

Welcome =)

Ben Barnes! YAY. We should add him to the list ;)
yes ben barnes would be great on that list.
all hunks together
have all a great weekend
You've got a great list there. We'll try and add them real soon. And welcome! Hope you enjoy the community. If you got any questions don't hesitate to ask any of us. We're happy to help =)