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Just 4 FUN!!!

Hey u guys!!!! I got something 4 u!!! LOL A MEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here is the thing:
1. You can only pick a boy from our list ONCE!!!
2. Fill this with your answers (posting them as a comment to this entry, ok??)
3. GO!!
  • I would definitely have his babies:
  • I'll scape with him for the weekend:
  • If I'm in danger, I'd be happy if he appears to save my ass:
  • Have a one night stand with:
  • Love to hate:
  • Be best friends with:
  • I'll happily ever after with:
  • I would love to have a food fight with:
  • I can totally picture him as the cutest grandpa:
  • I would totally let him be my trainer at the gym:
  • I think he is the best kisser:
And to get you up to this a few pics---

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