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The Wanted Men
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Exactly what the title says. Everything you can ask for about the men you want.
What we're about...
We're about the men we've deemed worthy enough to be wanted. It's rather simple. This is our outlet for fangirling the likes of Milo Ventimiglia, Paul Walker, Jensen Ackles, Jared Leto, Christian Bale, James Franco, Josh Duhamel, and Derek Jeter. We're open to suggestions of other men to add to the list as well.
♥ And we have cookies!
You know... in the form of icons, banners, and picspams of those men we know and love. We encourage our members to share their creativity and post whatever they want, as long as it's related to one of the wanted men. As we get more members we hope to start having graphics competitions, and other fun contests to get to know one another better.
♥ But of course there have to be rules too...


The community is open to all. Please join :)

When posting icons:
• Give a descriptive title to your entry.
• Up to three teaser icons. The rest goes under a cut.
• Linking to your journal or icon journal is ok.
• Tag your entry with your username. (optional)

Please be respectful of one another. We're very laid back and leniant here, but there's only so much we'll put up with in regards to disrespect.
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